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Rainy Day Indoor Drills

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Now there is no excuse not to get in a little bit of practice.

These 3 drills are so easy to do around the house so why not give them a try

DRILL 1 - Putting

All you need is a plastic cup, putter and a golf ball.

Place on the carpet and practice hitting into the cup.

DRILL 2 - Putting

Line putter up against the architrave on the wall and practice putting back and forth, nice and smooth.

DRILL 3 - Swing

Take your normal stance (hands out in front, knees flexed, keep you back straight and bend from the hips.)

Then cross your hands onto your shoulders and make some nice swings.

Swing back, feel the weight transfer to the back, then forward, weight and fornt foot and hold that finish for 3 seconds.


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