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Course Management Pt 1

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

We are on the very well known 16th hole, Snake Gully. It's arguably Australia's hardest par 4 but thankfully for ladies it's a par 5 (but it is also index 1).

I want to talk to you today a little bit about course management.

I've hit my ball off the tee over to the left hand side, so now what's the smart thing for me to do?

Am I going to try blast it long through the water or does it make a little bit more sense for me to go a bit safer? (I like to call it 'Trailer Park Girls go round the outside'.)

I'm not going to try and hit it, especially if you are not a big hitter. Don't try to get more distance by hitting it over the water. Worse case scenario you go in the water, you're now dropping another ball, you're playing 4 from here and you're likely going to wash the hole.

I'm going to play safe and hit a bit more out to the right, I'm not loosing anything.

That's smart play, that's course management.


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