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Course Management Pt 2

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Alright ladies, part 2 of our course management. We are still on Snake Gully at Windaroo Lakes, it's a par 5 for ladies.

I'm talking to you about being a bit smarter on the course.

So for me here, I've hit my ball down to this area, I've still got quite a way to go yet. I've got about 120m to get over to the flag so I've got 2 options.

If you're playing well why would you risk trying to get over, popping it in the water and having to take a penalty shot then you'll look like washing the hole?

So we are going to talk again about 'trailer park girls go around the outside'

2 options.

Option 1.

I can lay up with my pitching wedge and just lay it short to the fringe

Option 2.

or why don't we look at going all the way around there to the right?

I'm going to be safe and hit it out to the right and keep it away from that water.

I'll then be able to go up and find that ball, chip it over, on the green, couple of puts and walk away with some points.


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