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Fix Your Alignment

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Firstly, what is alignment?

Alignment is the positioning of your feet and your club and the direction they are aimed.

Correct alignment will have your clubface aimed down an indivisible line to your target and the feet aimed along a parallel line left to the target line (or parallel-right for lefties.)

It is very common in new golfers to be unaware of their alignment and have a misconception of where they are aligned (eg. thinking they are aimed centre but are aimed left).

This drill is a great one to practice if you struggle with aiming and need to train your eyes to see correct alignment.

Alignment Drill

1. Grab 2 alignment sticks (these can be purchased in most golf stores and Pro Shops) or you can simply use 2 golf clubs.

2. Find a spot in the distance you wish to aim for and place the sticks parallel on the ground like train tracks aimed at your chosen target. (Make sure you have enough space to swing your club through).

3. Place the ball in between the sticks and set up like normal, making sure your feet are also following the same line, parallel of the sticks.

4. Practice hitting a few balls.

This may feel strange. You might feel like you are aimed very right or left, however, keep practicing and your eyes will learn how to see correct alignment.


If you wish to see if you are correctly aligned when practicing, pick a target and set up as if you were to hit to that point, then get your club and place it along your feet.

Step back and see where it is pointing. You might be surprised. We often feel we are aimed correctly but it turns out to be vastly off.


You can not use this drill to align yourself during a game - this is only for practice.

Give this drill a go and let me know how it goes!


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