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Full Swing Fundamentals

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Getting the basics right is very important. Focus on these 4 fundamentals and you'll see improvements quickly.

1. Grip

There are 3 different ways to grip your club, you can use either

- Ten Finger Grip

- Overlapping Grip

- Interlock Grip

The most important thing is to keep the hands close together as you want them to work as one. Grip pressure is also extremely important. Don’t grip too tight. A grip pressure of 5 on a scale of 1-10 is ideal!

2. Alignment

Pick your target and imagine a line from the target to the ball then line your feet up parallel to that imaginary line.

3. Stand & Posture

- Take your grip

- Have a little flex in your knees

- Hold the club out in front of you

- Then keeping your back straight, bend from the hips

This will put you in a good position the correct distance away from the ball.

4. Follow Through

Although you have already hit the ball, a balanced follow through can have an influence of impact alignments.

Make sure you finish with your hips and shoulders facing the target and your weight has transferred to your front foot.

Start by focusing on these 4 fundamentals and you'll quickly see improvements in your swing!


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