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Sinking Those Putts Under Pressure

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

We've all been there before. You have hit a few great shots to get you onto the green only 1 foot away from the hole. Just an easy putt for birdie left! Then the nerves kick in and that 1 foot putt looks like 10 feet and of course, you miss.

Here is a great putting drill to help many aspects of your putting such as distance control and rhythm, however, I love this one because it is great in practicing dealing with pressure on the green.


1. Set up 12 golf balls like pictured below

2. Start with the closest ball and work your way out.

3. If you MISS you must start all over again

The goal is to make all putts in a row.

I'll tell you when you've made 11 in a row, that last golf ball is a tester!

So if you can master your nerves on the putting green, your game nerves will be so much easier to control.


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