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What's In The Bag - Accessories

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

It is important to check your golf bag before you go play. Here is a list of some of the must haves.

Golf Balls

That's an obvious one. What is important though is to mark your ball. If there is someone else playing with the same ball on a hole and you can't identify your ball, it is a lost ball and is a penalty.

I always put my initials on the ball.

I also get one of these marking tools, (you can buy them from the Pro Shop) and I put a nice line on the ball which helps line up my putts.

Another good tip is to mark a couple of balls.There is nothing worse when you get to a par 3, put it in the water, there is a group behind you waiting and you are hurrying trying to find another ball. Be prepared and have some marked and ready to go.


There are a lot of different sort of tees, as I'm sure you are aware of. Find a tee that suits you, wedge tee, wooden, small tees (for par 3's) and make sure you have a lot of them in your bag.

Pitch Repairer / Divot Tool

If you hit the ball onto the green and you make a little divot, you use one of these pitch repairer's that you can buy in any pro shop and go around where the divot is and lift that grass back up and tap it down so it is nice and smooth for the next person.

Golf Brush

I also have a brush ($4.95 from Windaroo Pro Shop). If you have any mud or dirt in between the grooves it makes it hard to let the ball do what it is supposed to do off the club. So give it a clean. If there is a big hunk of mud you can just get this brush out, it has 3 different courses on it and give the grooves a nice clean.

Painkillers / Medication

You never know if you get a headache or back ache during the round.

Bottle Opener

Just in case your friend wants a beer.

Marker / Pen

For marking your golf ball and to mark your score card.

Sunscreen / Bug Spray

Sunscreen is a must and bug spray is great, especially if you are playing away in different weather and environments.

Spare Glove

If you put a hole in one or lose it somewhere, it is really hard if you are used to wearing a glove to go without.

Tee Bag to Carry it All

I put everything into a tee bag.

The one I use if from Sue Haywood from Gecko Belly made this one (you can purchase from my website) and I just pop everything in there, with anything else you might need, lip balm, hair brush. It makes it easier to find when I need it.

You can use something similar, any little bag will do!

That's it from me ladies! Hope this has helped organise your golf bag.


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