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What's In The Bag - Basics

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Alignment Sticks

In my golf bag I like to make sure I carry an alignment stick. It's really good for practicing on the range and making sure you've got your alignment correct.

It is also really good when you're practicing putting to make sure you line up.

Warm Up Sticks

I also carry a warm up stick which is great for tempo.

I just have a few swings of this before I go out onto the course.

How many clubs are you allowed?

You are only allowed to carry 14 clubs out on the course.

Make sure you don't have any more as there are penalties for that.

What kind of clubs?

I carry a driver, which is 10 degrees (sometimes they go up to 12/12.5 degree).

I like to carry some hybrids and woods. I've got a mixture - 5 wood, 7 wood, 11 wood and I've also got a little hybrid which is great for getting out of the rough.

My irons then go from 6 iron down.

I carry 3 wedges. sand wedge, lob wedge and a gap wedge and also a putter (sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't.)

Golf Accessories

Don't forgot to make sure you have plenty of tees and plenty of golf balls.

TIP: You should always mark your golf ball.

Lots of people use a Callaway golf ball for example and you need to make sure it is your ball as you can be penalised for hitting the wrong ball. So make sure you mark it. Put your initials, a smiley face, a line, or whatever you'd like to.


Don't forget also to pack water and food. You need to stay hydrated and need to be eating and drinking every 3 holes.


So that is the basics of what I have in my golf bag, hope this helps you when you are sorting through your own bag.


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